Be part of someone's forever memories

Career Opportunities with Crystal Horton Photography LLC

Many companies will tell you that you will make an impact for a lifetime. But with a career opportunity on a team of wedding photography, you actually make an impact in someone’s “forever”. When you help capture wedding photographs with us, you not only have tons of fun, but you give the gift of being the most important aspect at every wedding celebration. The way you treat a couples on their wedding day, the photographs that you capture, and even the post wedding experience, becomes priceless treasures. Wedding photographs are found in every home, in every generation. No matter what the market is doing, couples always want their wedding documented with photographs. They want to constantly look back upon that experience!

Wedding ring set sitting on a log with moss at yellow springs ohio. engagement ring is a light emerald

Values with Meaning

We have very strong values, that stemmed from different experiences of owner, Crystal Horton. These values are both enjoyable and serious.

Available Opportunities

Offering the most captivating wedding photography experience includes fun, outgoing, intelligent, and confident teams. If you have a love and passion for memories, we have what will fill your void.

The white glittery tennis shoes set elegantly while the bride is getting hair and makeup styled. at Cedar Creek Pavilion, in ohio.