Values that Matter

When Crystal Horton officially decided to bring on other team members, she knew the values of the company were crucial to a healthy environment.

Just like a strong building, there are four indispensable company values she immediately knew to require in her business. With no exception, of every person who is even slightly involved in or around the company understands these values and respects their meanings.

The four pillars of Values


The exchange of information between two or more individuals


A state of the mind and personal being.

Growth & Help

To develop ones self and to support others

Family First

A happy home environment helps make every daywonderful


The number one reason most relationships fail is because of lack of communication. The same goes for work environments. Therefore, our absolute, number one of our core value is to communicate. Letting it build up inside is not good for you or anyone around you. Lack of communication is highly frowned upon. We understand this is a skill that is very challenging to develop, but it is possible with the right mind set.

Positivity Only. No Drama or Gossip Ever!

If you have been married, or part of a wedding celebration, you know that weddings can have stressful moments. Heck life is stressful. As a team, our primary focus is about staying positive. No matter what kind of storm life is dealing people, we will always be drawn to positive environments.

This really should not have to be explained, but in today’s lifestyle and environments, it has unfortunately become almost second nature for many to feed the beast of drama and gossip about team members or clients. You would not actually physically attack someone, so why would you emotionally or mentally attack someone. Just don’t do it. For this reason, it is no surprise that as a small business, there is zero room for drama and gossip. We have a strict no tolerance agenda when it comes to these matters.

We only allow positivity in our space. When you walk through the doors of any event or meeting, wash away everything that has happened. Start new and fresh. “Be A Goldfish”!

Always Grow and Help.

No matter what age you are, and no matter what experience level you are, or believe you are at, there is ALWAYS room for growth. We don’t allow anyone to believe they are perfect and the better than someone else. We expect everyone to come in humble and understanding situations can change the results of everything you thought you knew. Be ready to grow in one area or another. Welcome that growth, and you are bound to have a wonderful fun experience on our team.

About being helpful. Everyone has different skill levels and we welcome every thought and idea, when appropriate. If you notice someone is struggling, whether it’s a moment or repetitively, don’t just tell them what to do. Offer it to them first. Always ask for permission.

And don’t be afraid to accept help when it is offered. Yes give yourself a chance to get it right. Your mind functions differently than someone else’s, but don’t keep making the same mistake and end up frustrated. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of greatness and a sign of development.

Family First!!

We wholeheartedly believe that family always comes first. Yes customers have needs and wants and usually those are quite simple, but if you have an anniversary every year, then don’t photograph a wedding and rearrange your family plans. If you have a certain holiday that is more important than another, we recommend swapping the date with a fellow team member. It makes the environment flow smoother and be more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t live with regrets. Work will always be there. Family will always have more exciting moments. You will always make and deny money. Just choose what is right for you. Once you commit, uphold that commitment whether it’s to your family or to work. We don’t accept F.O.M.O or F.O.B.O (Fear Of Missing Out, Fear Of Better Options.)

Crystal Horton has a family of her own. Her mini’s, husband, and her out-of-state relatives. She knows that it’s much easier to plan for summer fun weekends, and week getaways, but also understand when last minuet, and unfortunate event occur, they will sometimes take president. Weddings are not rescheduled because the bride’s grandma got a broken ankle, nor because Crystal’s child got a cold. She simply asks that you be respectful and considerate of your team mate’s families, and of Crystal Horton’s family, and they will do the same for you.

“I want my team to see these values and know to their core, that these are the same as their own personal values. Expectations and respect should be the same in all aspects of your life. We should all try to be greater.”

–  Crystal Horton