The Events of One Wedding Made Crystal Horton rethink How Wedding Photography should be Experienced.

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“Wedding Photography found me when I least expected it.”

Crystal Horton had the the perfect storm happen to her all in one year. But her struggle to find clarity, lead her to photography.

“My husband and I had been together for 7.5 years. We bought a house. Sent retainers to our wedding professionals. Booked our Honeymoon. Then suddenly, life threw a hurricane at me and I was unexpectedly unemployed. Like anyone with big exciting plans for their future, I was devastated. That is when the unexpected life path appeared in front of me. Photography. It was always in my life, but not once did I ever think that it would be the path I needed to walk.”

“My Unforgettable Experiences is the Real ‘Why I’m Here for Your Wedding Memories’.”

“When I sit down with my couples at a consultation, I always relive some of my most emotional moments with them. Usually it’s because I can put myself in their shoes. I can feel their excitement. I can feel their highs and lows. I can feel their compassion and love as they talk about their fiancé. It always sounds silly when I say it, but I almost always have to pinch my nose at every wedding because I can feel every emotion with my couple’s and their families.”


Your wedding day celebration is a moment for us to give our passion to you. Guarantee your quality and ask about one of my limited 30 weddings by sharing your wedding date with me.

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