What Makes a Photographer Like Crystal Horton Unique

Hi, I’m Crystal. I want to take a moment and skip the conversation about printed photographs and photographers who have gut instincts and we can save all of that and wedding details for a little later. Instead this is the the About Me page and we are going to shake things up. So forget about weddings for a moment. I want you to experience what it would be like to hang out with me for a day. I want you to see who I am and why I do what I do. I want to share with you the kind of person I am and the kind of life moment I cherish. These are the things I wish for all of my couples and families to experience.

Come Experience What a Perfect Day to Me is.

Owner of Crystal Horton Photography LLC

I wake up in the morning and the chirping birds would be gently waking me. After freshening up, I walk into the kitchen and I’m the only one awake. I brew a hot cup of homemade chai and enjoy sipping it while i sit on the patio. I enjoy feeling the warm sun on my face. Even the birds are in full song as the morning dew begins to dry off the grass and leaves.

Before my cup is empty, I hear the house awakening. With the family wide eyed and full of energy, i get to enjoy making a super delicious and mouth watering breakfast with my them. We have fresh fruit, delicious warm belgium waffles, and of course a second cup of my Chai.

After breakfast is cleaned, and the leftovers have been picked from, I get to put fresh clean sheets on the bed. As I attempt to make them as flowing and as perfect as the commercials dictate it, the children or the cat come barreling in to cause havoc to the peace. So I laugh and tease and join in the fun as the game of impossible hide and seek unravels.

After a day full of adventure and playfulness, We enjoy slurping fresh plump homemade noodles with a yummy garlic & dill butter sauce. But the best parts of the day is yet to come.

When the bedtime routine begins, there will inevitably be some complaining and some last minuet attempts to play. However once a book has been carefully selected, sitting down and turning the pages takes all of us to a new place before sweet hugs are given. I experience their laughter at their favorite parts, and the adorable attempts to script some of the memorized lines. I will forever remember these moments.

Now the second best time of my day, is when the sun goes down, and the mini figures come out. I get to willingly become the biggest, nerdy, adult-child of I can fathom. With the table set for an unexpected adventure, myself and my high school friends, sit down to our weekly Dungeon And Dragon adventure. Nothing says let’s get out of reality like rolling dice and experiencing a walk down an unexpected cobble stone path to a story that you design.

This is who I am and this is only one of the ways I enjoy my life, an experience I hope you too enjoy when you look at your day to day routine.

Signature Photograph. A bride and Groom stand in the night, under an umbrella, in the rain, while the umbrella appears to be illuminated. they stand infront of a dark red bard.

The Passion for Wedding Photography

When I was younger, people often said it’s tough to make a living doing what you love, especially in art. The idea of sustaining a good life through art seemed far-fetched for a long time. So, I pushed aside the thought of doing anything artistic. Then, during a tough time in life, I discovered photography. I did some research, found my passion, and jumped into a life-changing chapter.

When I’m at a wedding celebration as a photographer, I’m not some snobbish know-it-all. I’m not focused on what I am getting out of it. I’m more like a friend to you, someone watching out for your special moments that will be memories forever. I put all my attention on making sure that you enjoy your wedding celebration and that you are present in the emotional experience that it offers you. My passion for your moments are stronger than what others might think.

My ten year plan is to continue to capture unforgettable moments and to keep “bringing them to life” every chance I get, as long as I can hold a camera.

I hope you can see through my lens

When it comes to bringing your dream wedding to life, count me in! Let’s chat about your wishes, who you are, and what you can’t wait to enjoy at your wedding celebration. We can casually share thoughts over a drink if we have yet to chat, or if you are up for it, take the leap and let me be the one you trust with your future memories.