Captivating Wedding Photography Packages and Experiences

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night time photograph of the wedding cake at cox arboretum

Couples, for their wedding day, select custom collections, or as we say experiences, tailored to reflect their unique personalities. Your experiential package provides perfect opportunities to evoke romantic and playful emotions and create an enduring legacy of your matrimonial experience.

Don't regret your photographic decision, sit with one of our photographers now.

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“Understand after everything is done, you don’t remember aspects like the taste of the cake, but with a great photography experience, you can see beautiful photos of what it was. Understand that this is the person not only capturing your memories but preserving this day.” -Heather B.

Experiences for Our Exclusive Couples


Couples who want an experience that has it all because they know they deserve it all.


Brides and Grooms who want to remember every moment while still having fun.


Weddings that are both wonderful and filled with love but more than elopements.


Weddings that are simple, relaxing, and overflowing with joy need this experience.

“I was so impressed with all work, compassion and knowledge of photography. Going above and beyond to capture every single moment for us!” -Brittany M.

Bride sitting calmly while getting her hair styled before putting on her wedding dress. at cedar creek pavilion.

Luxury Wedding Photography Experience

When it comes to choosing the ideal photography package look no further then this ultimate wedding experience.

Our studio offers a level of expertise that couples who select this option can trust. After all, couples fill their wedding day with unforgettable memories, cherished moments, and precious details. Your memories deserve to be captured with the utmost care and precision.

This all-inclusive wedding session covers everything you could want and more – from stunning bridal portraits to beautiful candid shots of your guests. Your dedicated expert team has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to guide you through every photograph at your wedding. We want you to confidently relax and overall just simply enjoy the moments. Trust us to provide you with breathtaking images and an experience that you’ll cherish forever! A professional bridal team that includes a master photographer, a lighting assistant, and a second photographer.

  • You’ll get candid and posed photos of the bride and groom. As well as individual photos of you with each person in the bridal party.
  • What is unique to this particular wedding session is the optional “first look” between any of the family you desire, especially the groom.
  • We will also take photos with family members in groupings of both sides of the family. We also add in several smaller groups such as parents, siblings, or grandparents.
  • After the ceremony, the couple will have a private photo session with just the photographer.
  • During the reception, we will capture all the important moments and highlights. We include wedding games and a group photo of all guests on the dance floor.

Deluxe Wedding Photography Session

This wedding photography experience is highly sought after by couples who...

…who prioritize the memories and experiences of their special day. In other words, this is absolutely the most popular photographic experience we offer. It is designed to offer couples a perfect blend of family capturing photos through the day, but still having their ceremony being a  “disconnected event”. Couples can fully immerse themselves in the moment. With this package, the photography team places the utmost importance on capturing every important moment of the day.

  • This experience includes everything from natural and candid photos of the bride and groom to highlights of the reception.
  • Moreover, the photography team can capture photographs of the groom or the bridesmaids during the bride’s getting ready portion of the day. The professional team really enjoys capturing both the groom’s details along with the bride’s.
  • Also included is the option of a “first look” with the father or mother and the Groom.
  • Some other notable inclusions are three groupings of Bride and maids, Groom and men, and one large family photograph.
  • Additionally, the team will ensure that both the Bride and Groom will get a photograph individually. And with each set of parents which gets your parents feeling appreciated and loved.

Sweetheart Wedding Photography Option

If you're planning a wedding that is simple, but more elaborate than an elopement,

you should definitely consider this top-notch wedding photography experience. The design of this wedding photography option is for couples to keep their images simple and stunning. This couples doesn’t want unnecessary filler images. It’s the perfect way to make sure you get beautiful, high-quality pictures that you’ll cherish forever. (Being that most family and friends will have cell phones, couples want copies of those images.) Simultaneously, there’s no denying the value of a stunning professional photograph. A blend of high quality photographic memories with out breaking your budget is how we specially designed this experience.

  • This photography session covers everything from bridal details to intimate photos of the bride and groom alone. Capturing moments all the way up to highlights of the reception.
  • There are the three typical groupings of the bride and maids, the groom and men, and one large family photograph.
  • In addition our team will take an extra moment so that both the Bride and Groom will get a photograph with each set of parents. We know the mom’s and dad’s would appreciate that.

Simple "Elopement" Wedding Package

Elopement wedding celebrations will benefit the most from this package.

It occasionally suite a few regular wedding celebrations too. It includes remarkable features for brides and grooms who are looking to capture only the most important special moments in a unique way.

  • The photography team will photograph Bridal Details, Portrait of the Bride and Groom and the Entire Ceremony (up to 60min).
  • An extensive range of photo groupings such as Large family photo grouping, Bridal family grouping and Groom family grouping.
  • Our professional photographer will capture the most intimate moments of the bride and groom. Along with highlight moments from the reception.
  • Note: Unfortunately this is the only experiential package that does not come with the mentioned bonus add on.