Become Part of Our Team!

As a small, woman owned business, that was built from the ground up, we have a simple business structure that works fluidly with what our couples have come to expect from their experience with our company.

Crystal Horton is the founder, owner, and CEO of the entire company. She not only runs the different departments such as marketing, finance, and communications, but she is also the lead, master photographer. While she loves accomplishing what our couples have come to expect and what the business requires to keep operating, there are few roles that she loves having someone fill. They are as follows:

  • Lead/Master Photographer
  • Lighting Assistant
  • Second Photographer/Assistant

“I know that what we accomplish for our couple’s is something that will make a difference in there lives many years from now. Being part of someone’s eternal history practically brings chills to my arms. Every team member feels like they are part of something bigger. I know I do.”


– Crystal Horton

Our Leading Roles

Lead Photographer

This is one of the most important titles/roles Crystal Horton offers with her photography studio. This role is best described as self sufficient. With being a lead photographer, you have reached the point where you are able to “fly on your own”. Crystal trusts that you know what couples expect, and your knowledge of the business, your gear, lighting, and timing, are at top quality and set to the highest expectation for yourself.

Finally, as a lead photographer you are able to take total control of a wedding photography couple, and Crystal is able to check in at any time, and you are confident and have all the answers to her questions.

Second Photographer/Assistant

This is a wonderful role for any photographer. This role is wonderful because even though you might not be confident in running a wedding day photography experience on your own, you definitely have the confidence to step away from Crystal and the lead photographer, and capture great photographs, then regroup before the next moment. The assistant photographer also helps as a second set of eyes, hands, and lens, during key moments of the wedding day.

The only other exciting function the assistant photographer occasionally assists with is bridal expos. Usually the lead photographers will take this on, since they are the ones working with couples, but occasionally, having an extra set of hands to laugh and joke around with makes a huge positive impact.

Lighting & Assistant

This is the typical starting position for most of our applicant. Usually it’s someone looking to get introduced in the wedding world. We also use this position as a way to ensure that all future applicants coming into Crystal Horton Photography LLC are serious about their professional photography reputation and work.

By no means is what we are about to say an over exaggeration. This is by far the absolute most important position when it comes to capturing wedding photographs. You will learn or have some understand of the simple gear language, like lens names, and how to put together an off camera flash unit. But what makes this position so great is that you can make a photo only “nice”, or make it spectacularly emotional.  A great photographer knows exactly what gear and pose should be captured, but if the off camera light is too far behind the subject, or too close to their face, it can be disastrous.

As wedding photographers we also love that you are there to remind us that we both need a big glass of water, or even better, we haven’t peed and the ceremony is soon. haha.

Open Applications

Lead/Master Photographer


Second Photographer/Assistant