Become Part of Our Team!

We are proud to be a woman-owned, small business that has been meticulously crafted from the ground up. Our business is built on a simple and effective structure that seamlessly aligns with the expectations of our couples, enhancing their overall experience with our company.

Let us introduce you to the heart of our enterprise, Crystal Horton. As the founder, owner, and CEO, Crystal not only oversees critical departments such as marketing, finance, and communications but also serves as our lead and master photographer. Her commitment to meeting the expectations of our couples and ensuring the smooth operation of our business is unparalleled.

In our ongoing pursuit of maintaining the high standards we’ve set, Crystal takes great pleasure in having skilled professionals fill specific roles within our team. These roles, crucial to our operations, include Lead/Master Photographer, Lighting Assistant, & Second Photographer/Assistant.

We hold the belief that each person will take on these roles at some juncture, with no one being superior to another. The instant we perceive ourselves as superior is when we risk failure for our customers and, more crucially, failure in capturing the essence and art of photography. Our business is defined by our unwavering commitment to the customer experience and the quality of the memories we create.

“I know that what we accomplish for our couple’s is something that will make a difference in there lives many years from now. Being part of someone’s eternal history practically brings chills to my arms. Every team member feels like they are part of something bigger. I know I do.”


– Crystal Horton

Different Roles

Lead Photographer

When you fill this role at a photography event everyone around you has full trust that you know what couples expect, and what the business deliveries before, during, and after the event. The trust extends to knowing your gear, understanding the appropriate lighting, and the event timing, all while delivering constant communications are at top quality and set to the highest expectation for yourself.

Finally, as a lead photographer you are able to take total control of a wedding photography couple, and Crystal is able to check in at any time, and you are confident and have all the answers to her questions.

Second Photographer/Assistant

This role is an absolute blast for any photographer! It’s fantastic because, even if you’re not quite ready to take charge of a whole wedding photography extravaganza on your own, you’ve got the confidence to step away from Crystal and the lead photographer, capture some amazing shots, and regroup before diving into the next exciting moment. As the assistant photographer, you become that invaluable second set of eyes, hands, and lens during the key moments of the wedding day.

But wait, there’s more fun in store! Occasionally, the assistant photographer gets to join in on the bridal expos. It’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about adding that extra sprinkle of art, passion, excitement, and a dash of camaraderie to the mix!

Lighting & Assistant

This is one of the most important aspects of any photography event. Whether in the studio, at a banquet hall, at a barn, or in a backyard, having the right lighting is what takes a moment from being a picture, to being a living memory. Everyone needs to understand how to light the couples, the room, or the moment. No one should expect to be beyond good lighting.  A great photographer knows exactly what gear and pose should be captured, but if the light is wrong it can be disastrous.

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