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Commonly asked questions about Crystal Horton Photography’s Wedding business?

These answers are what makes us different than our competitors.

FAQ’S From Compassionate Couple’s Like You

With | Crystal Horton Photography LLC

How long is the photography team at our wedding celebration?

Our team stays with you, to capture every single moment of your entire wedding celebration, for up to 8 (eight) hours. No matter what experiential package you select, we respect your wedding experience.

Is your Photographer’s Assistant/Aid a second shooter/photographer?

The individual’s title is “lighting assistant.” They assist the photographer in achieving the desired lighting and know how to handle the equipment. They are responsible for attending to details during the photography session, which includes assessing the gear required for the next shot, anticipating the photographer’s needs, and being readily available to fulfill any request.

What is the total number of digital keepsakes we receive?

When it comes to our wedding photography experience, we want to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Therefore, there is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of images you will receive. If we present 100 pictures, you will receive 100 pictures; if we present 9,000 pictures, then you will receive 9,000 pictures. This way, we aim to make you feel completely satisfied with the results of our photography services.

Who designs our wedding day schedule? Is it me?

Slow down! You have enough to worry about. We actually require that we chat with you over the phone prior to the wedding to design your schedule. Even if you have a wedding planner, let us be the mastermind behind your day of events. Let’s face it, amazing videos and captivating photographs are the tangible keepsakes from your special wedding day. So, why not let us help you make it unforgettable? Trust us, your makeup artist, ordained minister, musicians, planner, and even family members might not know how long each photographic moment needs, but we do! Let us handle it and see the magic unfold.

When can I expect my photography team to arrive?

So the photography team is gonna show up fashionably early, like 30-60 minutes before the scheduled start time. We can’t pinpoint the exact moment they’ll arrive because we work around your ceremony schedule. But hey, if you’re curious, the team usually starts snapping pics about 3 or 4 hours before the big moment.

Do you have a backup photography team?

If a rare case arises, we have access to a backup photography team. In the past, a backup was utilize once when our owner unexpectedly gave birth two days prior to a captivating wedding celebration. Many couples are concerned with the reliability of vendors, and we encourage you to ask this question of all potential wedding vendors you meet. Rest assured that we take the responsibility of capturing your special day very seriously and have taken all necessary precautions to ensure the availability and readiness of our primary and backup photography teams.

How long does it take to receive our precious memories?

We prioritize returning your photographs to you in a timely manner. We understand the eagerness to see your captivating photographs. Rushing the quality of your photographs is unprofessional of us. Generally, we aim to have them back to you in no more than 12 weeks. If possible, we can have them ready in as early as 8 weeks. However, this may vary depending on the time of year and the quantity of moments captured.

Note: Fall and winter weddings are in our busiest seasons. Holiday may also effect the delivery date.

Note: You won’t receive your printed keepsakes immediately, since we will have to finish the editing process first, and you will have to pick them.

How do we proceed with reserving your photography team for our wedding celebration?

After having a chat with us during your complimentary consultation and feeling confident that we can capture all the captivating moments of your wedding, the next step would be to select a package that suits your needs, place a retainer for our photography team, and sign the contract. So that you can enjoy your wedding without any worries, we’ll block off that entire day just for you. We’re here to make your experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

We are out of town and can’t meet you in person, then what?

If you’re planning an Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana wedding while living out of state, don’t worry. We require a consultation to prevent scams, which unfortunately happen quite often. However, we’re happy to make things as easy as possible for you by setting up a Zoom or Skype meeting. After that, everything will proceed normally until your wedding day. Thank goodness for technology!

Do you have a traveling limit or a traveling fee?

Many couples ask us about our travel policies and pricing, and we’re happy to share that we don’t charge a fee for travel within a 60 minute radius of zip code 45036. We want to make it as easy as possible to work with us! Out pricing is transparent in regards to our traveling fees. If your event is farther away, we will let you know in advance of price adjustments.

Is photographing out-of-state weddings an option for you?

We have experience photographing weddings in locations such as Gatlinburg and Pennsylvania, and would be happy to learn more details of your out-of-state wedding. We do require a consultation to ensure a secure transaction, but we are excited to capture all the special moments of your big day. Regarding travel fees, we can provide you with an estimate which may be subject to change closer to the wedding date based on economic factors.

Can you accommodate military couple’s needs and restrictions?

When a couple informs us that one or both significant others are serving our country, we express our utmost gratitude. We understand that serving in the military can be an arduous task, and we stand in support of you. We have had the privilege of working with numerous couples who are active in the military, and we have enjoyed capturing every detail of their wedding day. Our team takes the necessary steps to ensure that we adhere to restrictions when photographing in military attire. We also acknowledge that dates and details may change at a moment’s notice, but we would like to assure you of our flexibility in rescheduling your date. We kindly request that you keep us informed of any changes throughout the process.

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