The difference between a photographer's package and your Wedding Experience.

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Crystal Horton Photography

Our four uniquely tailored wedding experiences are designed to meet your specific wedding needs. We invite you to discover how each experience can bring your vision to life and make your special day truly unforgettable.

Our competitors marketing ploy.

When you speak with previous brides, or interview wedding photographers, you will hear much of the same story. Brides will say; Picked a photographer, paid them, took photos, got a flash drive. It’s very likely the photographer is new into the category of weddings. Their story is one of two. I like taking photos so I bought a nice camera. Or our favorite. I photographed a friend’s wedding and I decided to start the business. The problem with both is that these photographers are focused on what they want, what they do, and why they take photos. For this reason, it reflects their customer service and their confidence behind the camera.

Your Experience with us is nothing short of wonderfully memorable.

We are immediately different because our focus is why you want photos, what you want from your wedding, and what treatment you deserve after the wedding. Our photography studio stands out for its unique approach in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Our focus is on providing every couple with excellent photographic experience. That includes an eight-hour wedding day photographer, regardless of the wedding session they choose. We believe that this ensures each of our clients receive the same level of dedicated attention and quality of photography. Our studio strives to capture the most important moments of your special day, and we take pride in the delivery of exceptional service to our clients. Our commitment to you will allow your vision realized and expectations exceeded.

New Couples who want a Captivating Wedding Photography Experience, receive an 8" x 10" framed matte photo FREE.

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Couples who consider their photographs to be important deserve what we have.

As a provider of wedding photography services, we understand that couples place great importance on capturing their precious memories. For this reason, we have curated a range of photo packages from the inquiries and past couples responses. We maintain the utmost respect, quality, and professionalism when dealing with all couples who choose to work with us. Our experience packages are all tailored to meet your personal preferences and financial considerations.

Every experience we offer includes:

  • A professional photographer trained and dedicated to capturing your special moments for up to eight hours.
  • A lighting assistant is also included to match the photographer’s time.
  • We prioritize your input to ensure that we focus on capturing all the wedding moments that truly matter to you.
  • From booking to delivery, we keep you updated.
  • Also, we provide all digital keepsake treasures.
  • Additionally, when you meet with us, we offer a bonus option to include in your captivating experience.
Signature Photograph. A bride and Groom stand in the night, under an umbrella, in the rain, while the umbrella appears to be illuminated. they stand infront of a dark red bard.

Why couple's like you deserve what we offer.

As you embark on your wedding photography search, you may have observed that most photographers offer eight-hour packages with varying pricing. It’s essential to consider why the costs varies. Ask yourself, If they are using similar equipment and providing all photographic files, then why not the same prices?


From Owner Crystal Horton:

“From the moment I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted in a career. Nor did I know which direction I was headed.”

“Life had plans for me which were very unexpected plans. No matter the direction I went in life, nothing seemed to fit. Then, during what should have been one of the happiest times of my life, planning my wedding, a very low moment struck. I unexpectedly was removed from my employer. That is when photography found me.”

“Now I have the honor and privilege to deliver a breath taking photography experience during life’s joyful moments; Your wedding celebration.”

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Experiences for Exclusive Couples

Specially designed package for your captivating wedding photography needs

When we set out for the perfect photography package to offer our couples, we found the market flooded with options, each with vastly different prices, but none seemed fitting for diverse couples, or unique wedding styles. What our couples were searching for, what we tried to find,was available through no one, until now.

Your vision and emotions matter, and our passion is here for you. Let’s collaborate to fashion unforgettable memories on your special day.

Get all information, both fun and logistical, at your no obligation, free consultation.

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